Eco-friendly tableware

Along with the regeneration of the restaurant industry, the rise of the economic development of the stall, the need for disposable lunch boxes in China is rapidly rising. In addition to stimulate the amount of production continues to develop.

bamboo stirrer

And the tightening of national environmental protection policy, plastic pollution prevention will be further strengthened, in China’s disposable fast food boxes will be non-degradable plastic raw materials to biodegradable new environmentally friendly materials transformation. January 19, 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Ecology and the Environment issued “on further strengthening the management of plastic pollution,” emphasizing the promotion and application of marketing in the catering take-away industry in line with the characteristics and food hygiene and safety regulations The straw-covered sub-film lunch boxes and other bio-based commodities, biodegradable plastic bags and other replacement commodities. In response to the current national policy call, Xinfengcai supplies corresponding green products for the general public.

Paper version plastic straws

Corn flour meal box

Paper paddle meal box

Data information shows that in 2019, in China’s plastic products total production of 81.84 million tons level, in which only plastic straws are nearly principle thirty thousand tons, equivalent to 46 billion, the average demand beyond 30. Authoritative experts in the industry show that the use of plastic straws is only a few minutes, but the time of dissolution is likely to be as long as 500 years, and the difficulty factor of recycling is large. Environmental protection is a vital challenge for people in contemporary daily life, and the application of biodegradable materials to replace plastic materials is a major development trend.

Let the restaurant people to maintain the natural environment from the application of environmentally friendly tableware now, even if it is only a paper straw

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