What material is good for mattress? How to buy

A mattress is not what we call a comforter, and certainly not a mattress. Although it is also an item to rest under the body when sleeping, it is a soft mattress between the mattress and the sheet, with a certain elasticity and bearing capacity, but also with the quilt, mattress, is indispensable for sleeping. But what kind of material is good for mattress? How to buy bed mattress? Follow the fabric exhibition editor to understand it.


Mattress with what material is good

Cotton mattress

Mattress for the crowd: because the cotton mattress fluffy moderate, cotton mattress for all people, especially the elderly and developing infants and young children and adolescents who can not sleep too soft mattress. However, today, the price of cotton mattress in the market is between 200-500 yuan.

Down mattress

Feather mattress is thin and soft, breathable, making people feel very comfortable and warm. However, after a long time, it will lose its original elasticity. In addition, due to the size specifications, the amount of down and brand, the price is 500 to 1500 yuan.

Wool mattress

Wool mattress is breathable, elastic and comfortable to fit, more suitable for children, the elderly and the weak. However, those who are allergic to wool should be careful.

Latex mattress

Latex textured mattress is environmentally friendly and healthy, anti-mite and anti-bacteria, breathable, promotes sleep, strong resilience, etc. It can fit completely with the body curve, so that all parts of the body maintain the natural physiological curvature of the human body, suitable for all people, especially those whose spine needs protection.  Latex mattress price point: good latex mattress prices are more than 1000 yuan, or even 3000 to 4000 yuan.

How to buy a mattress

Touch the surface of the bed with your hand to see if it is dry, smooth, without roughness and feels softer. Generally speaking, the size of the mattress should match the size of the bed and the size of the room, not the bigger the better.

b. Press the mattress with your hand, or give it a pat, you can feel whether the mattress is too loose or too hard, and what is how rebound, etc. Then, around the bed mattress for four corners, lightly pressed by hand to see in our these for the edge relationship is also as elastic.

You can lie down and try to sleep. If you sleep on the mattress, feel the waist sagging, forming a gap, indicating that the mattress is too hard; if the whole body lying flat, the pelvis sagging or waist and back bending, indicating that the mattress is too soft, the most comfortable feeling is the waist and back can stick to the mattress, while the spine remains naturally relaxed.

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